Employee Relations

TSC respects employees and views them as our most valuable asset. We care about our employees and are devoted to creating a decent work environment in which employees are treated equally and humanely regardless of their race, religion, gender, age, and nationality. Employees' complaints are handled in confidentiality.

Earnings Sharing

TSC treats employees as a family and is happy to share operating performance with employees. In addition to adjusting employee salaries in a timely manner with reference to the company's operating results and market salary levels, the company's articles of association stipulate that 2-10% of the annual final account's profits will be allocated as employee compensation, and the income of year-end bonuses and dividends is carried out in accordance with the "Performance Management Measures", and the company's operating performance or results are appropriately reflected in employee compensation.

Great Place to Work

TSC has set up an employee welfare committee, in addition to planning activities that meet the employees' physical and mental health, such as domestic and foreign travel and occasional employee networking, and provides fitness, badminton, table tennis and audiovisual equipment for employees to enjoy. Besides, you can not forget to exercise and relax your mind. TSC also provides subsidies to encourage employees to set up various sports and service clubs, so as to improve their physical and mental health and create a healthy and energetic working environment. In 2016 and 2018, TSC participated in the "Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace" activities of the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, and obtained the "Health Start Mark" and "Health Promotion Mark", and continued to move towards the goal of a happy enterprise, allowing every employee to feel happy.

Employee Care

TSC attaches great importance to employee care. In addition to basic benefits such as labor insurance, health insurance, new pension funds, group insurance, and various gifts and subsidies, TSC also plans to provide model labor awards, senior employee awards, scholarships for employees, their spouses, and their children, childcare allowances for employees, and talent and skill rewards for employees' children, to take care of employees and their families. In addition, TSC arranges employees to conduct health checks every year to help employees grasp their physical conditions. Beginning in 2019, we have implemented on-site health services for medical staff, inviting doctors and nurses to visit the factory regularly to provide employee health consulting services, and answer or assist employees' health-related issues in a timely manner.

Talent Cultivation

TSC pays attention to the cultivation of talents. In order to improve the quality and work skills of employees, and continue to strengthen work efficiency and quality, it formulates education and training plans every year, implements pre-employment training, on-the-job training, and matches with external professional training for effective development and utilization of human resources. TSC has also introduced the HRD System to conduct personnel education and training in a complete and systematic manner. In addition to assisting employees in recording training résumés, the system also shares training resources through the platform to encourage employees to actively participate in cross-disciplinary learning. In addition, TSC also incorporates performance management tasks and introduces IDP (Individual Development Plan) tasks to encourage employees to formulate personal development plans, set goals, seek personal breakthroughs and growth, and obtain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from them.

In addition to the above issues of concern, TSC continues to collect employee opinions and timely feedback through the employee suggestion box. It holds an All Hands Meeting quarterly to communicate with employees face-to-face, and encourages supervisors to communicate with employees at any time through performance notes or one-on-one interviews, to understand the problems and needs of employees, so as to strengthen communication and promote labor relations.

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