Supplier Relations

In order to achieve sustainable business development, TSC implements and promotes integrity management, strictly prohibits any illegal transfer of benefits between employees and suppliers, so as to establish a coexistence and common prosperity partnership with suppliers under the prerequisite of quality first. At the same time, in order to care for the environment, TSC actively requires suppliers to jointly comply with the social responsibilities of the supply chain, including compliance with RoHS, WEEE and other green environmental protection laws and regulations, as well as the prohibition of hazardous substances and conflict zone minerals, so as to contribute to the global environment.

Ethical Conduct

For sustainable business development, in addition to internal propaganda requirements to implement ethical operation, TSC requires all new suppliers to sign the "Supplier Code of Conduct", stating that their transactions and various behaviors with TSC complies with the obligation of integrity and confidentiality, and actively fulfills the responsibility of not engaging in any illegal business activities, or carrying out any illegal transfer of benefits.

Solid Partnership

In order to establish supplier management systems and specifications, TSC assists suppliers to improve and upgrade the quality system, environmental protection, green procurement and factory safety through audits and guidance from time to time, and establish supplier sustainability to establish stability and sustainable development of a win-win strategic partnership.

Environment Sustainability

To be environmentally friendly, TSC adheres to the belief that corporate growth and ecological environment coexist and prosper, and actively exerts the power of green manufacturing. From design to production, it is committed to complying with environmental protection regulations and requires suppliers to jointly comply with the social responsibility of the supply chain. Protect the global environment to enhance corporate value.

In addition to the above issues of concern, TSC continues to communicate quality, technical requirements and market trends with suppliers through irregular supplier visits, meetings, training, vendor evaluations and annual supplier meetings, so as to continuously improve with each other's process capabilities, establish a strategic partnership of mutual prosperity.

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