Investor Relations

TSC is a supplier of automatic identification system products, specializing in R&D, production, and sales of barcode label printers and related peripheral accessories. Products have a wide range of applications, suitable for medical, retail, transportation, warehousing, logistics, entertainment services and manufacturing.

TSC's products are marketed globally under its own brand. In recent years, it has successively acquired the Printronix barcode machine business unit and Diversified Labeling Solutions, Inc. (DLS) to make the product line more complete and the market more competitive. We provide barcode label printers and accessories to more than 80 countries/regions around the world. It is currently the world's fifth largest manufacturer of barcode label printers, with operating bases in Taiwan, China, the United States, and Germany.

Ethical Conduct

TSC focuses on its own business. In addition to its annual revenue growth in recent years, it has become the world's fifth largest manufacturer of barcode label printers, and its products have won the Taiwan Excellence Award many times. TSC has formulated "Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles", "Codes of Ethical Conduct", "Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles" and other procedural measures to implement corporate governance, and regulate that the behaviour of directors and managers should comply with integrity standards, and seek the greater profit for the company and investors.

Profit Feedback

TSC continues to make stable and profitable operations through product development, market development and cost control. When the company has a profit, it will appropriately return the profit to shareholders according to the dividend policy. In recent years, our distribution of dividends has been stable, and it has good performance in shareholder compensation.

Information Disclosure

In order to enhance the transparency of information disclosure and treat investors equally, TSC has continued to strengthen information disclosure in recent years. In addition to disclosing transportation information at Market Observation Post System (MOPS) in accordance with laws and regulations, the company's website has also been revised several times to gradually strengthen the "Stakeholder Engagement", such as financial information, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. In recent years, the company has actively participated in investor conferences by the competent authority or brokerages to increase information disclosure channels and help investors better understand TSC, and master operating information.

In addition to the above issues of concern, TSC directly conducts operational explanations and communication with investors through the convening of shareholders' meetings. TSC also has established a spokesperson system. In addition to communicating with investors at investor conferences and face-to-face interviews, it also welcomes investor questions at any time by phone and email, and provides feedback to help investors understand the company's operating conditions.

Contact Information

Spokesperson: Jerry Huang


Deputy Spokesperson: Richard Chang
Assistant Manager