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What are RFID Labels?

RFID labels resemble traditional pressure-sensitive labels, but they come with a unique feature  - a UHF RFID transponder or inlay embedded between the facestock and release liner. This inlay incorporates tiny microchips and an antenna, enabling the storage of information and its transmission to specially designed RFID readers. The information is encoded onto the inlay using a dedicated printer-encoder, such as the Printronix Auto ID T6000e, T4000 or T800. Additionally, these labels can be printed with supplementary information, including traditional barcodes, product identification, or shipping details.

RFID Label

Many industries find value in using RFID labels:

  • Healthcare: High Level of Accuracy

    Track Patients, locate equipment, and expedite care with speed and accuracy

    Increase patient safety

  • Automotive: Data Collection Across the Car's Journey

    Collect data throughout the car's journey, from components to completion.

    Read fast from distance and out of sight.

    Track quality control and ensure traceability

  • Consumer Goods and Retail: Enhancing Efficiency

    Read multiple RFID labels simultaneously.

    Track real-time quantity, models, colours, and sizes.

    Profit from item-level serialisation to level up stock reliability and inventory accuracy.

    Provide an exceptional user experience to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Supply Chain: Streamlining Operations

    Easily track the movement of goods throughout the supply chain.

    Manage inventory efficiently and accurately

    Monitor conditions and optimise routing to enhance security.

RFID Labels for Fast & Accurate Data Management

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels provide an excellent solution for companies seeking to enhance the speed and accuracy of data collection. Industries, including supply chain and distribution, retail, consumer goods, and healthcare, benefit from RAIN RFID technology. Leveraging expertise in both RFID and label production, we at TSC Auto ID can assist you in meeting your customers' needs.


RFID Solutions Tailored to Your Customer's Needs

Whether your customer is looking to replace an existing RFID label or is new to RFID technology, we can provide the RAIN RFID labels they need. With access to a wide range of inlays and face sheet materials, we can support almost any custom RFID label construction. If you require a specific chip and/or inlay or would like to confirm compatibility with your existing specifications, please contact us, and we will be happy to advise.

RFID & Label Expertise

We possess industry expertise and production capabilities to provide the RFID labels your customers need. TSC Auto ID is an expert in the production of thermal and pressure-sensitive labels. We collaborate closely with experts in RFID printers and encoders. This combined expertise enables us to deliver a wide variety of stock or custom-printed RFID labels guaranteed for optimal performance.


Find Your Customer’s RFID Labels

We understand our labels and RFID technology, so please feel free to contact us contact us for assistance and a fast, accurate quote.

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