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The World Health Organization celebrates World Health Day annually on April 7. The healthcare industry is one of the key verticals we serve.

In March, we upgraded our award-winning Printronix Auto ID T6000e enterprise industrial printer adding integrated RFID and barcode inspection capabilities.

A vital component to any well-managed supply chain is labeling and the quality of your label is essential.

Barcode technology has been a massive success since its introduction to the retail space in 1974 when a pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum became the first commercial item scanned using a barcode. Since then, barcodes have become truly universal.

For the past year, TSC Printronix Auto ID has been working in partnership with SOTI, a world leader in mobile and IoT device management, to provide mobile and IoT solutions to customers.

The world is facing an unprecedented global effort to create, distribute, and administer COVID-19 vaccines. As pharmaceutical companies rush to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine around the world, the supply chain needs to be prepared to deliver billions of vaccines in a short amount of time.

Thermal barcode printers are frequently used in mission-critical manufacturing and warehouse environments. Regularly cleaning your printer improves performance and reduces downtime. As we approach spring, we recommend that you add your thermal printer to your spring cleaning checklist.

Does your company or institution have numerous assets such as laptops, servers, equipment racks, handheld computers, high-value tools, and other hardware? Is it difficult to keep track of these assets? Where are they? Who has which asset?

Accurate and timely information is critical to improving patient health and saving lives. Nurses check medications against a patient’s wristband to ensure a specific dosage of a specific medication is given at a specific time.

As many businesses are turning to mobile technology to help them meet the demands of a rapidly changing logistics environment, we hosted our first-ever live Q&A session to address some of our customers’ most pressing questions about mobile printing.