Cleaning Supplies

TSC Printronix Auto ID Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

TSC Printronix Auto ID's range of thermal printer cleaning supplies is designed to support two crucial objectives:

  1. Ensure clean, consistent printing with optimal image clarity and density.
  2. Maximise the life of the thermal printhead and printing mechanism,

With a simple cleaning routine, you can achieve optimal operational efficiencies, reduce service calls, and extend the equipment's life.

Adhesive, dust and environmental contaminants all contribute to:

  • Print voids
  • Barcode scan issues
  • Paper and label jams
  • Poor print quality
  • Printhead failure

Your Cleaning Routine in 4 Steps:

cleaning pen

Step 1

Use our Cleaning Swabs for interior surfaces of the printer, including the thermal printhead and platen roller. For direct orders, use the reference 36-0000012-00LF Cleaning Swab, 50PK.

Step 2

Use our Cleaning Pens to remove tough residual dirt, ink, and other environmental contaminants from easily accessible printheads. For direct orders, use the reference 36-0000013-00LF Cleaning Pen,12 PK.


Step 3

Use our Pre-Saturated Cleaning Wipes designed for cleaning and sanitising the interior of the printer, as well as the thermal printhead. For direct orders, use the reference 36-0000014-00LF Cleaning Wipe, 50PK.

Step 4 

Apply our Cleaning Cards to remove even the most stubborn contaminants from the thermal printhead and the full circumference of the platen rollers. For direct orders, use the reference 36-0000011-00LF Cleaning Card, 4", 15PK*.


 *Please use this deep cleaning solution only under certain conditions and adhere to the provided instructions.

cleaning supplies