TSC Printronix Auto ID TSCPRTGo

Streamlined Printing Operation at the Workplace and On-the-Go

TSCPRTGo is a print label app that works with TSC Standalone Creator to offer users seamless printing operation on Android and iOS mobile devices for productive mobile printing.


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TSC Printronix Auto ID offers userfriendly Software Tools


  • Intuitive operation: Intuitive user interface to shorten the learning curve. Easily update the wireless network to meet new configurations.
  • Serves as the printer’s touch panel: A print label app to print directly from mobile devices reduces OPEX and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Streamlined operation anytime, anywhere: Standalone printing through mobile devices and wireless connectivity.
  • Template changes made easy: Select templates, which are created by Standalone Creator, to make on-demand label printing hassle-free.
TSC Printronix Auto ID offers advanced customization

Advanced customization

  • Database update: Update database from a mobile device or cloud storage.
  • Camera scan: Mobile device camera works as a barcode scanner instead of keyboard input.
  • Save printer last variable: Automatically save last printer variable for convenient printer operation and continuity.

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TSC Standalone Creator and TSCPRTGo software tools help reduce 33% time waste and enhance the flexibility and productivity