Service Programs

Service Programs

Global Service Program with a Local Touch

Keep Your Operation Running at Peak Performance without Breaking Your Budget

TSC Printronix Auto ID’s Global Service Program enables users to protect their investments and ensures barcode printers are always in working condition. In this program two types of service are provided: On-Site Service and Return Parts to Depot. The Service Program is an extension, or enhancement, of the original factory warranty. With the same coverage, you can choose to extend the service based on the standard factory warranty with different time frame to protect your printers for more years. To have a top-to-bottom, inside-out preventative care of your investments, Comprehensive Warranty is the best choice.

One Program, Flexible Options

Our Global Service Program provides a set of pre-determined, fixed cost services and support throughout the years to keep printer in proper working condition by planning and budgeting all the service needs. We offer a full line-up contract duration of up to five years to enhance the protection. We recommend to choose and purchase the right service at the time the printer is purchased. This way, you can enjoy the selected service at value price.


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Warranty Coverage

Below provides a quick glimpse about the the coverage that each contract type covers.

CoverageSymptomsStandard / Extended WarrantyComprehensive Warranty
Mainboard/Electronics PartsFailureVV
Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth ModuleFailureVV
Mechanical PartsBroken/CrackedVV
Print HeadNormal Wear1V
Physical and/or Accidental Damage2-V
Platen RollerNormal Wear1V
Physical and/or Accidental Damage2-V
LCD DisplayFailureVV
Appearance Broken and/or Cracked-V
BatteryFailure/Capacity Attenuation13

The warranty coverage has the following exceptions:

  • Parts that have been misused, altered, neglected, handled carelessly, or used for purposes other than those for which they were manufactured.
  • Damage resulting from accident, acts of nature (lightning), fire or damage resulting from unauthorised service.
  • Modified or unauthorised parts.
  • Any defects in a printer to the extent that these are due to the use of defective or inappropriate supplies with the printer or any defect or error in any unauthorised software used on, or in association with, the printer.
  • Printer failures caused by water intrusion or component failures caused by excessive humidity within the printer.
  • Accessories, options (field installable kit), batteries.
  • If you have any inquiries regarding Comprehensive Warranty coverage, please contact your local sales representative.


  • Follow the limited factory warranty of each model.

1 Follow the factory warranty applied to all models.
2 If the number of TPH/Platen Roller/Chassis replacements during the comprehensive contract term is excessive, an audit will be conducted to determine the reasons and apply the corresponding corrective action.
3 Available in North America, only for selected mobile printers.

Service Offerings At-a-Glance


Service TypeFactory WarrantyOn-Site ServiceReturn Parts to Depot
Contract TypeIncluded FreeStandardExtended1Comprehensive1 & 2
Buy With Printer32Y1Y
Turnaround Time410~12 Business DaysNext Business Day7~10 Business Days
Technical Phone Support5Business Days    (09 - 17H)
Return Shipping6FreeN/AFree
All Parts and LabourExcludes TPH, accessories, batteriesExcludes TPH, accessories, batteriesExcludes TPH, accessories, batteries7Excludes accessories, batteries7
Recover Damage Affecting Normal Printer FunctionN/AN/AIncluded

¹ For certified partner only.
² The Comprehensive Program availability may vary by region.
3 You can add any service within 30 days after the purchase of a printer from TSC Printronix Auto ID
4 Turnaround time is based upon the date of receipt. It may vary by region.
5 Technical phone support depends on the region and location.
6 Customers are responsible for shipping costs to our service centres or facilities.
7 Not including the labour of the assembly and disassembly.



Consult your local sales representative for pricing and service details before deciding on a service. After the consultation, simply inform your sales representative at the time of printer purchase, which is a hassle-free way to do things. As additional requests aren’t included in our Global Service Program, feel free to reach out to your local sales representative as well.

*Service availability depends on the region and location, please contact your local sales representative for more information.