Service Programs

TSC Printronix Auto ID Service and Warranty Programs

Keep your operation running at peak performance without breaking your budget

We realize that in today’s business climate, the words “mission critical” take on a whole new meaning. Competitive challenges, an increasing need for flexibility, and compressed time to market means that processes must operate reliably at the lowest possible cost. Adding to the challenge, increasing equipment complexity makes servicing more difficult and demands a higher level of specialised skill.

That’s why we have designed the TSC Printronix Auto ID On-Site Service Program for all industrial and enterprise industrial printers and the TSC Printronix Auto ID Extended Warranty Program.

Both Programs provide a set of pre-determined, fixed costs for service and support throughout the year.

Keep your printer in proper working condition by planning and budgeting for your service needs. When your equipment is serviced and working properly, uptime equates to profit, while downtime means lost productivity and revenue. With the On-Site Service Program and the Extended Warranty Program, you can enjoy peace of mind by knowing you can budget for your on-site service and warranty costs and your operation can run smoothly.

Two maintenance programs tailored to our customers’ needs, you just need to choose the option that is best for you;

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