Partnering for Progress by Pax Lai, Shanghai Lepei

Partnering for Progress by Pax Lai, Shanghai Lepei

Since the beginning my journey in this industry as a technician in 1997, my passion for innovation and customer-centric solutions led me to establish Shanghai Lepei in 2009. Specialising in printer applications and consumables, Lepei initially catered to end users, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs.

In 2017, the partnership with TSC Auto ID was forged. Recognising my extensive experience and knowledge, TSC Auto ID entrusted me with guiding their resellers in effectively selling their printers. This collaboration was not just about business; it was about mutual respect and a shared commitment to excellence.

Throughout our ongoing partnership, the journey with TSC Auto ID has been marked by continuous improvement and mutual growth. When introduced to the MH series industrial printer, I initially hesitated. However, after rigorous testing and leveraging my expertise, I recognised its potential. TSC Auto ID's willingness to listen to feedback and implement changes sets them apart from competitors. Their responsiveness and dedication to customer satisfaction are unmatched.

What truly sets TSC Auto ID apart is their holistic approach to support, covering sales, pre-sales, and post-sales assistance. As a brand owner, they are directly involved in resolving customer issues, demonstrating a level of commitment and dedication that is rare in the industry.

For me, the partnership with TSC Auto ID is not just about business; it's about shared values and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


A video interview is also available. Watch it here.