No label printing disruptions in beverage logistics

TSC Printronix Auto ID robust enterprise printers for beverage logistics

The beverage logistics company Trinks is optimally equipped thanks to robust printing technology from TSC Printronix Auto ID.


Temperature differences, dust, dirt and jostling are a normal part of everyday in warehouse logistics. The industrial printers used by Germany's largest beverage logistics company, Trinks, for labelling the picked pallets at outgoing goods have to withstand a lot. Customers are also exceptionally demanding when it comes to the quality and punctual delivery of the goods. That is why the label printers used have to be especially robust and reliable. The Trinks order picking team greatly values perfect warehouse logistics processes, particularly during the seasonal peaks that Trinks faces in summer, before public holidays and long weekends.

The variety of articles in the beverage industry has increased significantly in recent years. This is reflected by the manufacturers' individual bottle and crate sorting. Trinks has 17,000 full products and 4,000 service articles in its product range. At its largest location in Großbeeren near Berlin, Trinks picks and delivers roughly 90,000 beverage crates on average every day. At approximately 2,250 deliveries per day, Trinks also produces just as many labels. As such, the label printing has to be absolutely reliable, rapid and a simple part of the process.

The solution

Trinks GmbH utilises 54 enterprise industrial printers from TSC Printronix Auto ID at its locations. The printer housings are made of steel and aluminium, the resilient mechanical parts are ideal use in the tough warehouse environment. The company uses the T5000 and T8000 models for automatic label printing in a 24/6 multi-shift operation at all 17 branches, achieving reliable, largely error-free reliably and high print quality. The barcode labels identify the individual pallets which belong to a customer order. Printing is controlled centrally via a server. Locally, the direct thermal printers are connected to the IT and to the warehouse management system via an Ethernet interface.
Picking in the warehouse is handled via voice-controlled picking software (Pick by Voice). The labels are ordered by voice command, generated by the direct thermal printer and then cut by the cutter.
When it comes to productivity and robustness, the industrial printers are precisely designed to handle the fast and occasionally rough warehouse logistics work.
Since 2015, the service partner P.U.R. Print Systeme GmbH from Dessau has ensured the problem-free operation on site. The company installs the printers and reliably serves all of the sites with its Germany-wide maintenance service.


  • Extremely robust design
  • Resistant to soiling and dust
  • High printing speed
  • High print quality: legible barcode labels guarantee delivery reliability
  • Incidents reduced to 10% of the previous numbers
  • Fast new installation, no additional integration into the existing IT environment
  • Easy operation

Functions of the product series

The T8000 is distinguished by its high performance in industrial environments as well as its user-friendliness. The exceptional print quality of the labels meets the most demanding requirements arising from critical manufacturing and distribution processes.

The T8000 printer series is ideal for labelling products for shipping, transport and logistics and is used in the automotive industry, for example, and in the production sector.  

About Trinks

The Trinks Group is one of Germany's leading beverage logistics companies.  In addition to food retailers, its service customers also include the industry. Trinks has 1,700 employees and, from its headquarters in Goslar, the company manages 16 branches throughout Germany with a storage area totalling approximately 660,000 m2. In addition to conventional beverage wholesale activities, the company also offers services such as warehousing, cross-docking solutions, empty goods sorting and transport.


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Rapid and reliable high-volume printing in rough warehouse environments


T5000 and T8000