Why Linerless Labelling is Ideal for Retail Businesses

Why Linerless Labelling is Ideal for Retail Businesses

The retail industry plays an integral role in our daily lives, encompassing everything from buying clothing and groceries to ordering take-out meals, all of which involve labels. Labeling can be very demanding for the retail sector. In the modern-day retail world, there is a wide variety of labels that require flexibility to adapt to the industry's diverse applications.

Ensuring a seamless labeling operation is crucial to meet the demands of a dynamic working environment. Therefore, selecting the appropriate labels or labeling method is essential. Linerless labeling emerges as the ideal solution, and here are the reasons why it perfectly fits the bill.  

Diversified Retail Applications

Retail is a dynamic industry that has versatile labeling needs. Labels encompass packaging labels, product labels, pricing labels, and promotional labels. All of these labels serve their specific purpose, indicating different information, so the contents will vary in length. In addition, information may need to change depending on items, even within the same application. For example, deli labels or weight scale labels are usually printed at the point of product packaging depending on the date, ingredients, or weight.   


Diversified Retail Applications


Traditional Labeling Limitations

Although traditional labels have been widely used in the retail sector, they have certain limitations. The traditional label length is fixed with a set length of cut labels within each roll. To adapt to varying label lengths, users tend to purchase multiple printers, one for each label length type. Alternatively, users will stop operations to change label rolls if there are a limited number of printers. This affects operational efficiency and throughput significantly.

Traditional label rolls come with backing liners, a layer of paper behind the labels. Once labels are peeled off the liner, it is no longer needed and becomes waste. Additional time and resources are spent on liner waste processing, restricting productivity.


Linerless Labeling Boosts Retail Operations

Linerless labels have been introduced with major advantages to operations in recent years. Linerless labels have several benefits, including flexible label length. Its length is the same as the total length of the label roll since the labels are not pre-cut. With linerless technology, one type of media can be used across a range of applications, thanks to its variable label length capability and flexibility in printing various label sizes. This flexibility also grants freedom for content customization and enables adaptability to diverse applications, boosting efficiency and productivity. These labels streamline label printing and application processes by minimizing roll changes for seamless label printing, eliminating concerns about limited or excessive label length.

Linerless labels also eliminate backing liners, eliminating the need to peel labels after printing. This offers optimum convenience for retail operations like the point-of-sale because waste handling is eliminated. Busy operators can focus on maximum productivity, instead of waste handling when using these labels.


Retailers Go Linerless to Boost Efficiency

Retailers that adopt linerless labeling boost efficiency, increase throughput, and reduce waste. The time and resources saved when compared to traditional labels can be redirected towards more critical operations. Furthermore, by reducing liner waste, it maximizes uptime while minimizing environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice for businesses and the environment.

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