Use the TH DH Series to Easily Print Difficult Labels with High-Precision

Use the TH DH Series to Easily Print Difficult Labels with High-Precision

In today's world, there is a great variety of media available to meet the growing demands of diverse printing applications. While having the ability to print long labels and specific labels for various vertical market applications is important, achieving precise printing is a different challenge altogether. These labels often pose difficulties as printers are typically designed for common or frequently used media. Additionally, printers need to be able to adjust for special or difficult media. That's where the TH DH Series comes in, offering an easy solution for printing difficult labels. The TH DH Series is specially designed to provide end users with precise label printing capabilities, with vertical DPI (dots per inch) being a key factor in achieving this level of accuracy.

Achieving High Precision Printing with Vertical DPI

In the TH DH Series, high-precision printing is made possible through the vertical DPI adjustment algorithm, which minimises printing deviation for various types of media. This algorithm fine-tunes the vertical length to match the exact length of the media being used. As a result, the content can be printed in the desired location with excellent readability and accuracy. The vertical DPI adjustment function is located in the “Advanced” menu list of the printer settings and can be easily adjusted by enabling the “Vertical Length Adjustment” function and entering a percentage range between 90% and 115%. 

When is Vertical Length Adjustment Needed?

Vertical length adjustment proves particularly helpful in applications that require highly precise print location and length. During printing, factors such as ribbon rewinding force, tension, or friction between the media and printer parts can cause the media to deviate. Print deviation accumulates over time. For instance, a 1% error in a 5 mm label is only 0.05 mm, but in a 200 mm label, it would be 2 mm. In other words, the longer the label, the more noticeable the deviation becomes. 

Vertical length adjustment is especially handy when transitioning from another printer. The printer language emulation of the TH DH Series can identify which printer brand was used and print out the labels no matter what printer language was used. When users spot any length differences, they can easily adjust the vertical length to match the previous printer’s printing location. This saves resources that would otherwise be spent changing label templates or media.

How Does Vertical Length Adjustment Work?

Vertical length adjustment


To use vertical length adjustment, measure and calculate the percentage of print deviation and enter it as the vertical length adjustment value. For example, if you need to print a 50 mm length of content and the content has shrunk by 5 mm (10% of the total length), you will adjust the vertical length to 110% (default is set at 100%).

By keeping this concept in mind, users can easily improve printing precision.

Possibilities for Diverse Applications

The versatility of the TH DH Series Desktop Printer to adjust the vertical length expands its range of applications. When printing long labels like signage or car plates, the longer the printing range, the more noticeable the print deviation becomes. This is particularly crucial for long pre-printed media, where the content must be accurately printed at the intended location. Linerless media, where the adhesive side directly contacts the platen roller, is also prone to deviation. Similarly, PET media is more likely to deviate due to its relatively slippery nature. The TH DH Series is designed to effectively minimise print deviation for all these applications. With a media width range of 15 mm to 120 mm, the printer offers high adaptability to print diverse media types, and it even supports as narrow as 10 mm wide media with narrow media adapters.

Ensuring High-Precision Printing for Difficult Labels

The TH DH Series excels in printing difficult media of various types with exceptional precision, enhancing label professionalism and reducing the need for re-printing of bad labels. This saves time, resources, and money, ultimately boosting productivity.

The vertical DPI adjustment function is not limited to the TH DH Series Desktop Printer alone, but is also available in the MB Series Industrial Printer. In the near future, it will also be available in most TSC printer models, expanding printing possibilities.

Ready to conquer printing deviation with ease? To learn more about the TH DH Series Desktop Printer and its ability to conquer printing deviation, visit the TSC website or contact your local representative.