Unleashing a Sustainable Future: Eco-Conscious Printing with Less Waste

Unleashing a Sustainable Future: Eco-Conscious Printing with Less Waste

Sustainability has emerged as a pivotal factor across numerous industries, driven by environmental protection and shifting consumer tastes. Businesses are progressively directing their attention towards sustainable strategies, encompassing endeavours like minimising carbon footprints, embracing eco-conscious materials, and integrating circular economy concepts. Sustainability arises significantly in the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry, leading to a growing demand for more eco-friendly materials and solutions for labels, tags, and other AIDC offerings. Reducing carbon emissions is the key strategy for the AIDC industry to achieve carbon neutrality and support environmental sustainability.


Enhancing Contributions through Sustainable Printing Options

Using traditional labels has been the conventional printing practice for businesses. However, as companies increasingly recognise the environmental impact of their choices, there is a growing momentum towards choosing alternatives such as linerless labels. Linerless label technology reduces material usage by 33% and allows for the inclusion of 40% or more labels per roll while minimising post-application waste. Recent news in Labels & Labeling underscores label material provider Beontag's focus on linerless label benefits via their Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for linerless VIP labels, revealing a 38% reduction in post-consumer waste and a 35% lower carbon footprint.1 These statistics demonstrate that linerless labels greatly contribute to environmental sustainability.


Linerless Label vs Traditional Label


TSC Auto ID's latest industrial printer, the MB241 Series, supports linerless labels for high-performance printing in demanding work environments. Linerless printers utilise continuous rolls for labeling, and the MB241 Series guarantees high-quality and dynamic linerless labeling for diverse applications, such as logistics businesses and deli food applications. Linerless labels enable an increased label length per roll and reduce label roll changeovers, thereby minimising downtime. This ensures continuous operations with a steady label flow, ultimately boosting uptime and output. By removing the label's backing, linerless labels effectively reduce liner waste and contribute to sustainability initiatives.

Linerless Printer - MB241

Moreover, TSC Auto ID adopts eco-friendly packaging and product design to enhance sustainability efforts. Specifically, the MB241 Series and ML241P Series exemplify this commitment by employing 100% recyclable packaging and printer casing. Moreover, with over 90% recyclable printer components, TSC Auto ID ensures that our products are environmentally responsible throughout their lifecycle. By embracing this approach, TSC Auto ID not only contributes to environmental conservation but also significantly reduces carbon emissions.

Ready to step into the realm of sustainability? The TSC Auto ID MB241 Series and ML241P Series industrial label printers offer a premium printing experience with sustainable features. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

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