Optimising IT Investments to Thrive in the Face of Economic Challenges

Optimising IT Investments to Thrive in the Face of Economic Challenges

Businesses are currently grappling with economic uncertainties arising from labour shortages, supply constraints, and inflation, all of which hinder the post-pandemic recovery. As a business owner or leader, your goal is to ensure the long-term success and resilience of your company despite evolving market conditions and emerging technologies. A well-defined IT strategy can help you adapt swiftly, allowing for resource reallocation to align with changing priorities. So, what’s the most rational approach to long-term IT planning, particularly when it comes to label printing solutions?

To optimise your IT investment, it is crucial to evaluate label printing solutions based on three key elements.

  1. Future-Enablement:

A future-enabled print solution should provide your business with the flexibility to pivot and embrace new technologies quickly and seamlessly. It should be inherently adaptable, allowing you to modify functional elements when your business changes direction or when your customers demand something different.

  1. Full Definition and Easy Integration:

The best label printing solutions are aligned with your business strategy and encompass more than just technology. They consider people and processes, offering the agility required to adapt and evolve.

  1. Empowerment of Your People:

Effective leaders empower skilled workers with the right tools to simplify maintenance, troubleshooting, supply tracking, and print jobs.

The Handy Way to Print

The recently launched TH DH Series Barcode Desktop Printers are designed to future-proof and future-enable your IT investment.

The TH DH Series is a highly comprehensive solution that provides companies with the flexibility to cater to diverse applications, especially when printing challenging labels such as thick labels, small labels, long labels, and specific types of labels used in various vertical market applications. It supports a wide range of media widths, from 15 mm up to 120 mm, allowing businesses to accommodate different label sizes both now and in the future. With the aid of the optional narrow media adaptor, the TH DH Series can support printing media as small as 10 mm.

Featuring modular addable upgrades, including wireless connectivity, cutter, peeler, linerless kit, and RFID encoder,* the TH DH Series enables companies to scale up applications without the need to replace the entire printer for future strategic growth. This ensures that the usability of the TH DH Series evolves as your business changes.

With its well-thought-out design, the TH DH Series seamlessly integrates with current systems and empowers staff and IT professionals in the following ways:

  • Plug and Play: The printer firmware can automatically detect previously used major printer brands and switch to the corresponding emulation, making printer transition easy. This eliminates the need to make changes to label templates. Moreover, the TH DH series supports UTF-8 TTF, allowing for the correct printing of content in different languages on the label.
  • Ease of Operations: As you change media types, the vertical DPI function allows users to adjust the height percentage to easily amend print deviations. Additionally, three shortcut buttons enable users to define and assign frequently used functions such as feed/pause, reprint, and calibration. Companies often use frequently used label templates, that’s why our TSC Standalone Creator can create a user interface on the printer LCD, facilitating easy access to these templates. The same templates can be saved to the TSCPRTGo mobile app, allowing operators to access and print on the go.
  • Remote Management: IT professionals can remotely monitor and manage printer fleets through the Internal Embedded Webpage, virtual control panel, TSC Console, and SOTI Connect. These tools enable easy diagnosis of printer abnormalities, monitoring of the thermal printhead and other components for maintenance, ribbon consumption, and more. This minimises downtime and optimises daily operations.
  • Effortless Repair: Repairing the TH DH Series is hassle-free, with easy-to-change parts such as toolless TPH and platen roller replacements.

Choose the TH DH Series for Your Printer Fleet

It’s common for workplace printer fleets to consist of different printer brands as businesses evolve. However, this can lead to high hidden costs and increased labour power required to manage various printer brands. Having different printer brands in one workplace can complicate print operations, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs for both staff and IT professionals. The TH DH Series enables easy replacement with existing printer fleets to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.

So, why not choose the TH DH series for your future printer fleet when adding, upgrading, or replacing current printers?

Built upon our rich legacy, the TH DH series offers precise and high-quality label printing capabilities, providing an excellent and convenient printing solution. It is available for both 2-inch and 4-inch label applications, ensuring future-proof and future-enabled printing. Visit our website to learn more about the TH DH series.

*Please note that the RFID encoder module will be available in 2024.