How Linerless Labels Boost Business Efficiency While Going Green

How Linerless Labels Boost Business Efficiency While Going Green

Businesses today actively seek ways to minimise their environmental impact and enhance workplace safety. One effective approach is transitioning from traditional labels to linerless labels. This transition not only reduces environmental impact but also aligns seamlessly with regulatory compliance, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.


Business Benefits

Switching to linerless labelling offers numerous advantages for businesses. Here are the three major reasons why businesses should consider going linerless.

Enhanced Sustainability and Safety: Linerless labelling contributes to sustainability by reducing carbon emissions during label production and eliminating liner waste, fostering a greener environment, and reinforcing workplace safety. This positive impact extends both internally and externally.

Cost Reduction: This shift brings substantial cost savings, allowing usage of up to 40% or more labels per roll, reducing storage requirements, lessening freight loads, and eliminating disposal handling costs.

Increased Efficiency: The move to linerless labels enhances overall operational efficiency through quick application without backing paper. Another significant advantage is the flexibility to print different label lengths on the same roll.

When comparing the cost per label, the cost of a 4x5-inch traditional label is approximately $0.02, whereas it is $0.022 for a linerless label in the same 8-inch O.D. label roll. This is because the linerless label roll without the backing liner provides a longer label length, typically up to 40% or more. Additionally, you will discover that using linerless labels brings many additional benefits in the long run (see Table 1). So, why wait? Make the sustainable and efficient choice for your business today.


Table 1: Benefits of Linerless Labeling


Liner Labels

Linerless Labels

Liner Peel-off Time



Multiple Length Printing

No, die cut with fixed length

Yes, flexible and consumes 100% of the roll length

Storage Space


Less, fewer rolls needed for the same number of labels

Logistics Costs

Higher because of more label rolls

Lower because of fewer label rolls

Disposal Costs

Yes, need to handle liner waste


Slipping Hazard

Moderate risk

Low risk

Ideal for Dynamic Industries

Linerless printing excels in various industries by eliminating backing paper and enabling the printing of varying label lengths on the same roll. It is especially advantageous in retail, warehouse and logistics, and healthcare.

Retail: Meeting Dynamic Needs
In the retail sector, various label applications such as product packaging, price labelling, and promotional stickers are common. Linerless labels can adapt to diverse needs and different label lengths, making them a perfect fit for the dynamic nature of the retail industry.

Warehouse and Logistics: Enhancing Speed and Efficiency
In fast-paced warehouse and logistics settings, linerless labelling speeds up the process, improves efficiency by eliminating backing paper removal, and reduces slipping hazards by eliminating leftover liners on the floor.

Healthcare: Ensuring Accuracy in Patient Care
In healthcare, accurate labelling is crucial, especially for specimens and medications. Linerless labels, printed at the point of application, significantly enhance the accuracy of overall healthcare operations.


Considerations Before Adopting Linerless Labelling

While linerless labelling brings sustainability, cost reduction, and enhanced operational efficiency, enterprises must assess whether their suppliers can provide a solution with stable print quality, easy cleaning and maintenance, and broad printer-label compatibility before transitioning.

TSC Auto ID offers a comprehensive range of linerless printing solutions, including mobile, desktop, and industrial printers. Our intricately designed printers and accessories ensure a seamless user experience featuring anti-adhesive functionality. With superior UI/UX design, extensive label validation, and a simplified maintenance approach, our printers provide stable print quality. Enhancing the customer experience, we offer a ready-to-use linerless cleaning kit for easy printer maintenance. Additionally, we offer linerless labels, ensuring perfect compatibility with our printers, depending on the region.

Interested in testing our linerless solutions? Please contact your local sales representatives or visit our website to learn more.

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