Conquer Apparel Label Printing with the TH Series Desktop Barcode Printer

Conquer Apparel Label Printing with the TH Series Desktop Barcode Printer

When you purchase apparel items, you will notice they always come with a hang tag and a care label. Based on Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and European Union (EU) regulations, labels are required on apparel products to clearly state necessary information in order to sell to end consumers.1,2 Typically manufacturers have the labels printed by service bureaus specialising in these types of labels. However, this approach has limited flexibility for change since the label contents have already been set. It also results in additional costs to print new labels and makes it harder to manage inventory for the variety of labels. Manufacturers can use an in-house label printer to overcome difficulties and conquer apparel label printing with ease.

This is where the TH Series Desktop Barcode Printer comes in handy. It is designed to fulfill apparel labeling demands with three key features: TPH (thermal printhead) heater line adjustments, TPH pressure adjustments, and a care label cutter.

Apparel Hang Tag

The apparel hang tag typically includes the product serial number, size, country of origin, manufacturer or importer information, and a barcode. Hang tags can be made from various materials such as paper, fabric, leather, metal, plastic, or other materials, but paper is commonly used due to its cost-effectiveness and environmental considerations. However, these materials are often thicker than standard labels or media, making it challenging for most desktop printers to achieve high-quality printing. As a result, the labels may not be legible.


heater line adjustment and TPH pressure adjustment


To accommodate different media types, the TH Series reserves its TPH heater line and pressure adjustments to achieve high-print quality even when exceptions occur.  The position of the heater line plays a crucial role in print quality, and it is designed for quick and tool-free adjustment based on the thickness of the media, ensuring improved legibility. The TPH pressure adjustment feature allows users to easily enhance print quality by manually adjusting the hardware under the TPH, applying optimal pressure to the printhead. Furthermore, the printer is equipped with an external label entrance chute, enabling the use of fanfold media or larger rolls for scaling up applications while maintaining exceptionally high print quality.

Care Label

A care label contains care instructions that remain legible throughout the product's lifespan. Care label materials can vary from polyester, nylon, cotton, satin, or a blend of these materials.3 The TH Series Printer offers adaptability to a wide range of materials used for care labeling. However, one challenge with care labels lies in cutting them. To address this issue, the TH Series offers an optional label cutter kit, providing a comprehensive solution for care label printing.

The friction between the care label and the ribbon can generate static electricity, causing the care label to stick to the ribbon. As a result, the label may not smoothly pass through the cutter or may get stuck inside it. To prevent this issue, the care label cutter is specifically designed to minimise static electricity, ensuring smooth passage of the label. Once the label enters the cutter, the guillotine cutter ensures a clean cut, eliminating rough edges or loose threads and presenting the label neatly.

Easily Conquer Apparel Labeling

With its three unique features, the TH Series is capable of effortlessly meeting apparel printing needs. Moreover, thanks to its default 15 mm-120 mm wide media width range, this desktop printer can accommodate labels and tags of various sizes, allowing for expanded applications.

This makes it an excellent investment, especially when dealing with a range of items requiring labeling. The ability to modify content based on specific requirements offers a high level of flexibility and eliminates the need for printing large quantities of labels that may end up occupying storage space or going to waste if contents change. The TH Series is a highly comprehensive and adaptable solution that caters to diverse printing requirements and operational demands.

Are you ready to overcome the challenges of apparel label printing? Visit the TSC website or contact your local representative for more information about the TH Series Desktop Barcode Printer.


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