The complete package for shipping labels

The complete package for shipping labels


In 2020, some 131* billion packages were shipped worldwide, 27% higher than 2019, with growth boosted primarily by Covid-19. Volume is expected to reach 256 billion parcels by 2027 with no sign that B2B, B2C or C2B consignments are slowing. China, Japan and the US accounted for 87% of global parcel volume in 2021. UPS is one of the leading global logistics companies by revenue but there are many other large and small players around the world. 

To ensure parcels safely reach their destinations, senders must produce labels with delivery address, region and country, package quantity, shipping method, weight and date, routing codes as well as tracking number. In principle, such information is mandatory for every shipping service provider or freight carrier but, in reality, they all have slightly different label layouts and processes. This can cause a real headache for senders, especially if they’re working with several providers at once, as they have to install proprietary software for each different carrier on their system for labelling and data transmission resulting in a jungle of software to navigate. 

To counter this issue, TSC Printronix Auto ID and its long-term partner ProLogis have developed a complete package of hardware and software that enables labels to be produced from a single system that comply with the specifications of 180 of the world’s most significant carriers.



SendIT shipping software from and TSC Printronix Auto ID’s printing solutions provide businesses with a single system to ensure their parcels will be delivered quickly and securely, irrespective of who the carrier is. "Our customers no longer have to install software from every carrier like DHL, FedEx and Deutsche Post, all their labelling and data transmission requirements can be covered by a single system, which is updated as new specifications become available," explains Ludwig Meixner, Managing Director at ProLogis.

SendIT effectively connects with a sender’s shop and merchandise management system to ensure the correct information is observed as well as the carriers’ different label layouts. It additionally offers powerful tools to track shipments and optimise freight costs. It can also e-mail recipients for each package sent, as well as generate daily delivery lists for each freight carrier or lists for each truck to assist ‘load optimisation’. Additional functionalities can be tailored to customer needs.

The way SendIT works is that mandatory shipping data is taken by csv, XML, REST API or database interfaces from the ERP system. Parcel weight is read by the data interface of the scales or from the weight data of the merchandise management system. Routing data is imported automatically with optimal shipping methods determined by freight costs or customer-specific rules. Such automation saves time and risk of errors from manually entered data and makes the shipping process faster and much more efficient. The system automatically transmits shipment data via EDI in the file format specified by the respective carrier.   



  • One system supporting the specifications of 180 global carriers
  • A complete package suitable for businesses sending 50-50,000 daily shipments 
  • Wide range of printer options, from desktops to enterprise/industrial level devices
  • RFID printers optionally available
  • SendIT additionally provides shipment statistics and tracking modules, which help optimise logistics processes and increase transparency

Printer hardware

As part of a complete solution, ProLogis and TSC Printronix Auto ID offer their customers SendIT software and a needs-based printing system using TSC’s robust and cost-effective thermal label printing solutions. Most of its printer models can be used but for high volume senders in industrial environments, TSC’s high-performance 4” printers from either the MH series or the T6000e Enterprise series are a smart choice. 

For low or medium output, TSC Printronix Auto ID offers a range of space-saving, compact desktop models, all equipped with premium functions and remote printer management as standard. In addition to the DA series, TSC’s TC series is one of the best entry-level desktop devices, with four models to choose from, each offering different print resolutions, print speeds, storage capacities and interfaces. The TC200 is especially good for small and medium-sized print volumes due to its small footprint, ease of use and price-performance ratio.

About ProLogis  

This owner-managed system house has been developing industrial solutions for marking, identification and data acquisition in production and logistics since 1991. More than 600 customers use SendIT to optimise their outbound processes and send up to one million packages a day. 

Transport & logistics, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical

Complete printing hardware and software solution for shipping labelling

MH series, T6000e Enterprise series, DA series, TC series (T800, T4000 and T6000e printers can optionally be equipped or upgraded with RFID)