TSC barcode printers expedite airport baggage handling

TSC barcode printers expedite airport baggage handling


A barcode baggage-identification tag is one of the most critical elements in baggage-handling systems. It tracks baggage from check-in through security screening, sorting, reconciliation and final loading, ensuring that baggage is routed to the correct destination.

The typical baggage-control system works as follows: During check-in, attendants attach a barcode tag to each piece of baggage (the passenger receives the tag stubs). The baggage is then placed on a conveyor and sent through the airport’s baggage-handling system. After passing through a security check, the baggage goes to the sorting room, where a baggage handler scans the tag’s barcode with handheld scanner. The scanner translates the barcode and shows the handler which baggage cart and airplane the baggage should be directed to.


TSC’s TDP-225 direct-thermal barcode printer offers airlines a low-cost, "best in class" solution that is ideal for baggage identification. It is not only small and compact (a requirement in cramped airport spaces), but also fast, churning out adhesive barcode baggage tags at up to 5 inches per second. With an optional LCD display, the TDP-225 is much easier to use than most other compact direct-thermal printers on the market.


As a low-cost, yet feature-rich, baggage-identification solution, the TDP-225 improves check-in efficiency and baggage-control management, enabling airlines to move and track baggage quickly and smoothly, while reducing the number of misrouted, misplaced or delayed bags.

TDP-225 Features:

Designed with a small footprint and no losable parts, the TDP-225 is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including airport baggage control, retail point-of-sale, shelf labeling, product marking, healthcare-specimen labeling, healthcare-patient tracking, Inventory and asset management, small office or home office mailing, shipping and file-folder labeling.

The TDP-225 is a low-cost compact 2-inch-format desktop printer with an optional LCD display to customers. The LCD presents easy-to-read information about print job status, making the TDP-225 much easier to use than other compact direct-thermal printers on the market.

The TDP-225 operates at a fast 5 inches per second and features a user-friendly clamshell design with a large 5-inch-diameter center-biased media bay.

The TDP-225’s advanced design includes a 200 MHz processor, 4 MB FLASH memory (standard), 8 MB SDRAM and a MicroSD expansion slot that increases FLASH storage up to 4 GB. The printer supports standard industry emulations "right out of the box," including TPLE and TPLZ language support.