Self-service kiosks with TDP-247 speed up movie theater ticket sales

Self-service kiosks with TDP-247 speed up movie theater ticket sales


When a blockbuster film opens, movie-goers by the thousands will flock to theaters during opening week. If a cinema is understaffed at the ticket window, long lines and delays often result.


By integrating TSC’s TDP-247 printer with self-service ticket-vending machines, movie theaters canspeed up the process of selecting a movie seat and purchasing a ticket. Instead of waiting in line at the ticket window, customers can select their movie using a self-service touchscreen. After sliding their credit card for payment, the movie ticket automatically prints. It takes only a few moments for the system to connect to the credit card data center to process the transaction. (During the connection, the screen displays the message: "Please wait while processing your transaction.") The use of self-service ticket-printing machines enables customer to quickly purchase movie tickets without standing in a queue at the ticket window. It also allows a theater’s ticket sales to be integrated into the management of the entire cinema’s operation.


The use of self-service ticket-printing machines improves box office operational efficiency, speeds up customer service by decreasing wait times and increases site sales.

TDP-247 Features:

TDP-247 can print four-inch-wide 203-dpi labels at speeds up to 7 inches per second. It comes standard with USB, parallel and serial connections. Other options include an internal Ethernet interface for easy network integration, label cutters, and a keyboard for printing labels in stand-alone or down-time situations.

Because of its compact design, the TDP-247 label printer is ideally suited for a variety of applications, fitting easily into cramped work spaces that are often too small for larger printers. It features a user-friendly clamshell design that allows users to simply open the cover and drop labels into a center-biased storage bay. Top-of-form sensing by gap, black mark, or notch is standard and completely adjustable from side to side.

The TDP-247 is equipped with a powerful 200 MHz processor, 4 MB of Flash memory, 8 MB SDRAM and an SD memory-expansion slot that increases Flash storage up to 4 GB. It supports standard industry emulations right out of the box, including Eltron® and Zebra® printer languages.


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