MOBO Druck – Rapid marking process with reliable labels and variable data

MOBO Druck: быстрый процесс маркировки надежными этикетками с переменными данными


Every day MOBO Druck receives many print orders in form of variable data records from its clients. Particularly for Germany’s deposit system, enormous information data of a clearing company required needs to be captured as soon and meticulously as possible because it is very important where the bottle deposit is collected and where it is paid. When the used deposit bottles have been returned to the shops and supermarkets, that are not using reverse vending machines, they are transported in big plastic bags to counting centres. These certified organizations can recognize DPG packagings and prepare, for the deposit invoice, an electronic data set for each packaging. To ensure a clear identification throughout the whole supply chain, the plastic bags have to be marked with highly adhesive and durable labels that have to be able to withstand extreme conditions such as moisture, variations in temperature or robust handling by the users.


MOBO has developed a highly resistant and self-adhesive label which is divided in 3 segments of varying sizes. The main label that will be fixed at the plastic bag can be read and scanned from both sides. The two smaller segments are used as logistic and control label and ensure the data availability to all participants in the supply chain. All information is printed with TSCs industrial thermal transfer printer MX240. Plenty of memory, including 256 MB SDRAM and 128 MB FLASH enable to manage huge amounts of data and, thanks to thermal transfer printing, to generate durable labels. Sven Herzog, Sales Manager at MOBO, is pleased about the fast printing speed of up to 14 ips and its ease of use. “Compared with the previous printer the printing process now is 2 hours faster by using the MX240.”


  • Durable and resistant labels
  • Faster and secure label printing
  • Acceleration of workflow
  • Transparency throughout the supply chain

MX240 Features:

The MX240 Series industrial printer is ruggedly built for high volume, mission critical, label printing and from the ground up to deliver 24x7 mission critical performance. Featuring TSC's fastest processor ever, the MX240 Series boosts productivity with fast communications and printing speeds. The printer is loaded with standard features including a color touch display with six menu buttons, support for 600 meter ribbons, 8” OD media rolls, built-in Ethernet, two USB hosts for keyboard and scanner connections, and USB 2.0, parallel and serial interfaces. It offers plenty of memory, including 256 MB SDRAM and 128 MB FLASH, which provides easy storage of fonts, international character sets and graphics. The TSPL-EZ™ firmware supports three different printer languages and features internal scalable True Type fonts. A BASIC interpreter with file manager allows powerful printer interface applications with multiple type of hosts.

About MOBO Druck GmbH:

The owner-managed company, situated in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, has focused on production and marketing for self-adhesive labels and developed into a specialized system provider that offers the entire range of services and complete solutions concerning self-adhesive labels, flexible packagings and small boxboards. Using state-of-the-art-technology MOBO´s top-quality products, from unprinted shipping labels to high-tech labels with multiple sheets, are “made in Germany”. As a certified DPG company MOBO is a reliable partner of beverage industry and an expert with profound knowledge of the market requirements.


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Reliable labels with variable data