How a Leading Manufacturer Tackled MRP Label Challenges with TSC Auto ID’s Barcode Inspection Printers

How a Leading Manufacturer Tackled MRP Label Challenges with TSC Auto ID’s Barcode Inspection Printers


Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is a pivotal price control in countries like India, overseeing consumer goods prices to protect against illegal pricing. Its core objective is to uphold consumer awareness of commodity prices. In India, precise labelling is vital for direct retail, requiring all pre-packaged goods to display crucial information, including MRP. Fines are imposed on manufacturers who fail to comply with the 2011 Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Registration (LM-PCR) rules. Regrettably, India faces a prevalence of substandard MRP labels, putting brand image at risk. Some manufacturers also contend with counterfeit MRP labels, adding complexity to the situation.



To address print quality issues and counterfeiting challenges, the Global Part Center Division of a prominent two-wheeler manufacturer in New Delhi, India, has embarked on a quest to find a comprehensive solution. Initially opting for hologram labels to prevent counterfeiting, the company is now pursuing an enhanced printing solution. This ultimate solution is envisioned to ensure superior print quality and incorporate features for inspecting printed labels while establishing a robust track-and-trace system.

The division typically prints MRP labels in bulk, ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 labels in a single batch. During the printing process, the division aims to track the number of labels printed against each issued batch to prevent any misuse of the hologram labels. Additionally, the division seeks the capability to generate reports on an hourly basis for real-time decision-making, in contrast with the current practice of daily or monthly reporting.



The division relies on TSC Auto ID for its integrated barcode inspection printer. The T8304 ODV-2D barcode inspection printer can verify every barcode on the hologram MRP labels. When the printed barcode does not meet the quality threshold, the T8304 ODV-2D printer automatically overstrike the entire failed label and reprints a replacement label without human intervention.

Simultaneously, all printed labels are graded based on ISO standards and recorded through the PrintNet Enterprise Data Manager application, a software tool for remote monitoring, management, and data capture on TSC Auto ID’s enterprise-grade printers. Through this software application, the division can generate a report that documents the grading parameters for each barcode on every MRP label, enabling swift monitoring of print results and preventing the misuse of substandard labels. The report also serves as evidence for regulatory compliance, establishing a robust track and trace mechanism.


Barcode Inspection Printer - T8304 ODV-2D


Why TSC Auto ID?

The prominent two-wheeler manufacturer ultimately chose TSC Auto ID as its approved vendor for three compelling reasons.

Firstly, built-in reporting is critical. PrintNet Enterprise reporting serves as solid proof for regulatory compliance and simplifies MRP label tracking. The grading report during product testing helped quickly identify the desired print quality, enabling efficient adjustment of printer settings and reducing IT team efforts and development time. This not only averted expensive testing but also prevented the potential waste of costly hologram labels.

Secondly, customized technical support and reporting is crucial. As mentioned, the division sought real-time data for tracking on its server for each print batch. In response, TSC Auto ID’s engineering team added the hourly report-generating function to its PrintNet Enterprise software, which initially only provided daily and monthly reporting. 

Lastly, an integrated and automated solution is vital. The T8304 ODV-2D printer incorporates barcode verification function in a single platform, allowing it to print, verify, overstrike, and reprint MRP labels in a single pass without human intervention. This boosts efficiency, especially in daily printing scenarios with hundreds of thousands of labels. The T8304 ODV-2D boasts 300 dpi print resolution, 8 inches per second print speed, and a capacity to print up to 15,000 labels daily.

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