Healthcare Labels




In healthcare, patient safety is the priority. It might surprise you to hear that labeling plays an important role in achieving this goal. Labeling lets healthcare professionals in large organizations, such as hospitals, communicate effectively. Whether it’s a doctor’s office, lab, or emergency room, TSC Genuine Supplies creates custom healthcare labels for dozens of applications.

Hospitals, medical and dental offices all have high volume label needs. When you sell to these customers, you need to know that your label supplier understands and will help you meet the stringent requirements unique to the healthcare environment. Our extensive experience means we know how to develop and deliver healthcare label solutions so you can service your existing clients and grow your business.

Label Products for Healthcare

All our healthcare labels are specially designed and printed with application in mind. That means that our label application experts will help you choose materials, inks, and adhesives specifically for your customer's needs.

    • Blood Bag Labels
    • Chart Labels
    • General Purpose Labels
    • Inventory Labels
    • Lab Labels
    • Medication Labels
    • Patient Identification
    • Pharmacy Labels
    • Printed Tapes
    • Syringe Flag Labels
    • Tamper Proof Labels
    • Visitor Badges