Thermal Transfer: Uncoated vs. Topcoated

  • Uncoated (TT UN) Vellum Paper Labels

    Uncoated (TT UN) Vellum Paper Labels are a smart and economical choice with very high print quality and scanning characteristics, ensuring long-lasting and durable images. These uncoated labels are multipurpose, making them particularly suitable for a wide range of applications. Vellum is an excellent economical material choice that delivers exceptional print results.

    Applications: Retail, transport, and logistics.

  • Thermal Transfer Topcoated (TT TOP) Labels

    Thermal Transfer Topcoated (TT TOP) labels are made from one-side machine-coated printing paper with a semi-gloss appearance. These coated paper labels are suitable for a wide range of industrial label applications where an attractive semi-gloss appearance in multicolour work is desired.

    Applications: Retail, healthcare, transport, and logistics.

Wide Range of Label Materials and Adhesives

TSC offers a diverse selection of label materials and adhesives within its product range. Leveraging industry expertise, robust production capabilities, and superior inventory management, TSC Auto ID stands out as the ideal supplier of consumables. This ensures the provision of consumables that deliver optimal performance, reliability, and economical support, catering to even the most demanding applications.

Thermal Transfer: Infinite Combinations

The world of thermal transfer offers a multitude of choices, from face stocks and adhesives to topcoats, liners, over laminates, and ribbons. The combinations are truly endless. Allow us to craft custom Thermal Transfer (TT) label solutions for your customers. Simply fill out our Label Inquiry Form and our team of label specialists will work to determine the optimal solution for your customers.



Premium uncoated paper with permanent acrylic adhesive.

Applications: general purpose labelling, barcodes, logistics and food label, general warehouse, product ID

THERMAL TRANSFER COATED/SEMI-GLOSSPremium coated & semi-gloss paper with permanent acrylic adhesive.

Applications: general purpose labelling, shipping, warehouse, address, hardware parts supply

THERMAL TRANSFER TAGStandard coated paper tagstock.

Applications: general purpose tag, retail hangtag, warehouse bin and pouch inserts, inventory contol, work in process

THERMAL TRANSFER TAG POLYARTPremium white, multi-layer film with a corona treatment on both sides. Ideal for tag applications requiring direct food contact and extreme resistance to tearing, puncture and tear propagation.

Application: warehouse ID tags, tags in harsh environments and outdoor tags. Very good tear propagation resistance.

POLYPROPYLENE (PP)Matte & Gloss white polypropylene w/ permanent acrylic adhesive.

Applications: durable labels, harsh environment, retail packaging, squeezable containers, plastic bottles, asset labeling, shelf labels

POLYETHYLENE (PE)Polyethylene for the broadest application types involving unique label construction on complex label and packaging shapes.

Applications: durable labels, marking on glass and plastic packaging, oils, cosmetic products, luxury goods and household products 

POLYESTER (PET)Matte, Gloss & Chrome white polyester w/ permanent acrylic adhesive.

Applications: durable labels, harsh environment, laboratory labels, asset labelling, automotive, nameplate label




The TSC Range of Thermal Transfer Ribbons

  • SWX - TSC Standard Wax

    • Widely used for barcode applications. Provides excellent print quality.
    • Suitable for standard labelling applications.
    • Compatible with most coated and non-coated paper labels.
  • SWR - TSC Standard Wax/Resin

    • General purpose wax/resin formulation.
    • Superior print quality on common papers and films. Our more versatile formulation.
    • Good scratch and smudge resistance.
  • SRE - TSC Standard Resin

    • Excellent mechanical resistance, including abrasion and scratch.
    • Extensive adaptability to a wide range of film materials.
    • Supports higher print speeds.
  • PWX - TSC Premium Wax

    • Resin-enhanced wax.
    • Best scratch and smudge resistance for a wax ribbon.
    • Supports high speed printing. 
    • Excellent print quality on all papers and some film materials.
  • PWR - TSC Premium Wax/Resin

    • Designed to print on a wide range of coated papers and films.
    • Very sharp print quality, enabling ladder and rotated barcode printing simultaneously.
    • Enhanced abrasion and scratch resistance.
  • PRE - TSC Premium Resin

    • Designed for the most extreme environmental conditions.
    • Highest abrasion, scratch and solvent resistance. 
    • Compatible with a wide range of synthetic materials.
  • HS - TSC High Speed Wax/Resin

    • Printable on a wide variety of substrates.
    • Excellent smudge and scratch resistance.
    • Outstanding durability against a variety of common chemicals.
    • Capable of printing in a broad area of heat settings and high print sensitivity, allowing for better efficiency.