ThermaFlex Labels

Thermaflex Labels

What are TSC ThermaFlex Labels?

 ThermaFlex labels are a ribbonless thermal transfer labels, a unique smart label product that combines thermal transfer ribbon and labels into a single roll.

 This lets your customers easily print tough thermal transfer labels from a direct thermal printer.

ThermaFlex Mobile Printer

 Benefits of ThermaFlex Labels

  Extremely Durable: Thermal transfer labels are more resistant against UV exposure, temperature fluctuations, moisture, chemicals, scratches, and smudges.

  Cost Savings on Ribbons: The ink is already on the label, so no need to buy separate ribbons.

  Flexible Printing: Labels can be printed using any thermal printer, including direct thermal and mobile printers.

  No Need to Match Ribbons and Labels: Eliminate the waste of mismatched ribbon/label quantity or of printing narrow labels    with a wider ribbon.


 Game Changer: Durable TT Labels for Mobile Printers

 Mobile printers enable users in a wide range of industries to print material on demand – where and when it is needed.

 These portable, small printers generally don’t have room for ribbons, limiting their use to direct thermal labels – until now.

 ThermaFlex Thermal Transfer Labels are ribbonless. This allow you to print thermal transfer labels from mobile direct thermal printers.

Markets for ThermaFlex Labels

    •   Field Services & Repair

    •   Warehouse & Distribution

    •   Horticulture Stevedoring

    • Lumber Processing/Shipping

    • Fleet Management

    • Retail & Hospitality

    • Healthcare

    • Outdoor Asset Tagging

    • And More...