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• A broad range of offerings that aligns with your clients' varied needs

• Introducing TSC Auto ID, where precision meets excellence in the production of pressure-sensitive labels at our state-of-the-art facility.


Equipped with a sophisticated range of machinery, we specialise in delivering high-quality labels tailored to your specifications, whether you require a limited quantity or a large-scale order.

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our utilisation of advanced production methods. We can prepare high-quality blanks and custom labels for various applications in many configurations. This ensures that TSC Auto ID remains at the forefront of label manufacturing, meeting the diverse needs of our clients with efficiency and accuracy.

As your dedicated partner, we aspire to be your exclusive supplier for all your label solutions. Trust TSC Auto ID to elevate your label game, providing top-notch solutions for your clients' varied requirements.




    TSC Auto ID offers industrial, desktop, and mobile-grade printers that provide the best solution for high-volume, high-quality printing, supporting a wide range of industries and applications.



    Thermal Transfer Ribbons


    Thermal transfer ribbons are inked tapes utilised in thermal printers to transfer ink onto paper or other materials when heated.



    RFID Labels


    RFID labels are adhesive tags equipped with radio frequency identification technology, allowing for the wireless tracking and identification of objects.

    Here are our finest RFID Printers




    Mobile Receipts


    Mobile receipt paper is a compact roll of thermal or impact-sensitive paper used to print transaction records from mobile devices. Here are our compact Mobile Printers



    Linerless Labels


    Linerless labels are adhesive labels designed for efficient application and reduced waste, characterised by the absence of a backing liner. Here are our eco-friendly Linerless Printers



    Cleaning Supplies


    A simple cleaning routine can reward you with optimal operational efficiencies, reduced service calls, and maximum equipment life.