Food & Beverage Labels

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Food & Beverage Product Labels:

Innovative and Compliant

Identify your product and attract customers


Labeling doesn’t only identify a product. It’s a marketing tool used to convey so much more.

Essentially, labels are a company’s opportunity to promote their product and attract consumers.

This is especially true with food and beverage labels.

Selling food and beverage labels demands a certain awareness of design trends and regulations.

As your trade label supplier, TSC Genuine Supplies keeps all of this in mind when helping you create labels for your customer.

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Special Considerations

  • Product Dimensions & Materials

    These days, packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, product dimensions and package materials are unusual. Adhesive and paper materials that work on plastic may not work on cardboard. At TSC Genuine Supplies, we’re experts and finding the right substrate and label adhesive for your customer’s food and beverage application.

  • Resistance to Cold & Moisture

    Labels that are refrigerated, frozen or exposed to water require special adhesives to ensure the label does not fall off. When talking to your customers, ask questions that help you to better understand the conditions labels will be exposed to. This will help our label application consultants find the right materials for their label. Not sure what to ask? No worries, our team of consultants will guide you.

Countless Applications

It doesn’t matter what your customer’s label application needs are. Team TSC Genuine Supplies is ready to help you create a label that exceeds their expectations and attracts buyers for their products. Our Linerless Labels and Linerless Printing Solutions will make any labeling more sustainable, waste-free and cost-effective.

    • Baking Mixes

    • Cakes & Pies

    • Craft Beer

    • Dairy

    • Frozen Products

    • Fruits & Vegetables

    • Meat

    • Poultry

    • Seafood

    • Snacks

    • Soda

    • Soups

    • Specialty Items

    • Spirits

    • Wine