Linerless Labels


The Future is Linerless

What is a Linerless Label?

Linerless labels are labels that do not have a liner or backing paper. Typically, liners have a release coating that allows the label to peel away easily without damaging the adhesive beneath, ensuring the label can adhere to an object, such as a box.

In contrast, linerless labels feature a silicone release coating on the top layer and a special adhesive that enables them to peel away from labels underneath. The silicone coating allows linerless labels to act essentially as their own liners.

Benefits of Linerless Labels:

Linerless labels offer numerous advantages to customers. They increase uptime, reduce the need for roll changes, and minimise storage with up to three-quarters more running meters per roll. Additionally, these labels maintain the same scanning and traceability properties as liner-backed labels while using fewer raw materials.

Lower waste disposal costs, labour and transportation savings, reduced storage requirements, and increased operational efficiency are just some of the advantages, resulting in lower total costs of ownership. Importantly, linerless labels are the perfect choice for businesses considering a switch to a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution, contributing to carbon footprint reduction and waste reduction.


With TSC Linerless, You Can...

Sustainable with TSC Linerless

Become More Sustainable in 4 Steps:

  • Reduce CO2 Impact. Achieve a 30% reduction in GHG emissions.
  • Reduce Transportation Emissions. Optimise orders for better planning and less frequent transportation, lowering emissions. -
  • Reduce Water Consumption. Save 40% on water by eliminating the glassine liner.
  • Communicate an Environmentally Friendly Brand Image.

Save Costs:

  • 50-60% More Labels Per Roll. Achieve nearly 100% material utilisation.
  • Less Printer Changes. Experience more uptime, faster, and more efficient production with reduced printhead wear.
  • Reduced Storage Space Needs. Save on warehouse costs.
  • Thinner Front Paper Possibility
  • No Die-Cutting and Tools Needed
  • Less Waste Handling and Disposal Costs
  • Shipping Cost Savings. Benefit from 40% less weight and fewer boxes to ship.
Saving Costs with Linerless
Custom Linerless

Custom Linerless Labels

Genuine Supplies' linerless labels are composed of high-sensitivity and heat-resistant direct thermal paper, ensuring excellent UV resistance. The proprietary adhesive is designed to offer good temporary adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. TSC has standard linerless labels for mobile, desktop, and industrial printers available from stock:

Desktop: Label width up to 4”, 1” core, 5” OD

Mobile: Label width from 1” to 4.4”, 0.75” core, 2.625” OD

We can also provide different formats upon your request (starting from 37mm width) with various adhesives tailored for specific applications.

Good to know!

Ensure that linerless labels are compatible with the printers you use. One crucial factor is to confirm that your linerless labels have undergone thorough testing with your printers in operation. If you are using TSC printers, we offer a linerless labels portfolio extensively tested in our printers to guarantee minimal adhesive build-up, optimal print quality, and smooth label throughput.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Our linerless printers feature a special platen roller with a non-stick surface to reduce instances of the label adhesive sticking to the roller. Since there is no liner to act as a buffer, the adhesive comes into direct contact with the platen roller as labels are printed. Linerless printers also include a special cutter to size the labels as they are produced, in contrast to a regular printer. Special parts are available as Linerless Kits.

Which Markets benefit from TSC Linerless?



  • Food & Retail Industry

  • Logistics & Warehouses

  • Postal Services